Slim Pickin’ for the Sunday Jam, Nov 25 11-1 at Rockwell

Many of the usual suspects are busy being thankful outside of Juneau this week, so it may be a small gathering at Rockwell’s tomorrow. Brunch is being served regardless, so come eat and see who else shows. Here are the songs we played last week:

12 Bar Blues in A, as taught by Ukulele Mike. We play faster with each 12 bars until it all falls apart. Fun way to warm up. Amy’s tip: just add the pinky for the 3rd note (A7) instead of sliding the middle finger over.

Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s. Chords and lyrics can be found at

Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale. There were several sources for this one, but I’m linking the one from UkuTabs, since I liked the little band bio on the page. There are only a couple chords repeated throughout, but I’ve been playing along with the YouTube video to get the strumming pattern down.

Buck Naked Trolls  by our own Jambuster, Reid. Unfortunately, you’ll need to show up some Sunday to hear or learn this one, since he has never put it to paper and I hear that the lyrics change with each new playing!

Five Foot Two by Sam Lewis, Young and Hendersen. Ukulele Boogaloo is another good source for chords and lyrics, though the format for writing the songs out is a bit cramped for me. For guidance, check out the Ukulele Mike tutorial of this song, or watch a sweet rendition on YouTube by Aunt Vi.

Don’t Fence Me In  by Cole Porter and Robert Fletcher. I found chords and lyrics on Doctor Uke , yet another good source, and the song is written out in a couple different styles to choose from depending on your familiarity with the fingering.   FinRaucous is a one-man-jam on his version of this classic.


The Junior Juneau Jambusters wandered away to the back room, so I am not sure exactly what they played. They seem to be liking Mumford and Sons:

Cave by Mumford and Sons. UkuleleHunt has a download for these chords and some tips for playing, or GuitareTab if you just want to see it without downloading.

I Will Wait (on SNL) by Mumford and Sons. Chords without lyrics at Ukulele-Tabs and lyrics at DirectLyrics.


Have a great week and keep strumming!






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  1. Hey there–here’s the chart I usually use for Rhythm of love. It’s nearly perfect… I often find myself adding an extra little D as a turnaround…

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