Links from Ukulele Workshop at AK Folk Fest

Less than ten years ago there was an ukulele workshop at the Folk Fest and I was the only attendee. Today over 20 people turned out to play a few tunes, practice some chord changes and strum patterns and basically just get our “uke” on. What fun!

As promised, below are the links that were listed on the printouts. If I forgot anything, or you find other links you want to share, please let me know and we’ll get them posted. Safe trip home to everyone visiting from out of town and we look forward to seeing some more of you locals at a Rockwell Jam some Sunday soon!      

 ~Rhonda, Amy & Reid

Basic Ukulele Chord Chart (along with some info and history) from Squidoo

Basic Strum Patterns

Ukulele Mike’s 12-Bar Blues lesson

Uke Boutique’s 12-Bar Blues in G (scroll down to May 21, 2012 post)


General Resource sites


Song Chord Index Links

(in addition so several listed above)


Tutorial videos

Aldrine Guerrero at Ukulele Underground

Brett McQueen at Ukulele Tricks

“Ukulele Mike” (Mike Lynch) has a YouTube Channel


Buying an Ukulele

Elderly Instruments has its own Ukulele Department

2 responses to “Links from Ukulele Workshop at AK Folk Fest

  1. I appreciate all these links, and enjoyed a morning at the Rockwell back in November but haven’t been able to attend since.

    I was just in Hilo and came across this amazing player Brittni Paiva. Her site is worth adding to your links at .

    In the full list of her UTube Uploads when you get down into the 30-40th of the 80+ posted, there are some useful lessons as well – at

    I hope to get better availability to join in on all your fun, and thank you greatly for bringing all this to Juneau!

    -Mark Vinsel

  2. Thanks, Mark! I hope you can make it back soon.

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