Happy Spring

In anticipation of our local jam spot, TK Maguire’s, being full of Easter brunch revelers, we are taking a break from the weekly Sunday ukulele jam. Next week, it’s back to the usual shenanigans.

If you gather with friends and family this weekend, bring out your ukulele, look up a one or two chord sing-along song from Dr. Uke’s beginner page and entertain the troops. Or you can practice the C-F-G-F pattern  for “Five Year’s Time” by Noah and the Whale. Ukulele Hunt has chords and lyrics to download and a link to the video, in case you don’t know the tune.  At the Folk Fest ukulele workshop we taught this song and used it to work our way through a  medley of “La Bamba”, “Twist and Shout”, “Wild Thing”, allowing you to just keep practicing the chord changes over, and over, and over….

Happy strumming!

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