No Jam for Mother’s Day 5-11-14



We are taking a break from the weekly Sunday ukulele jam tomorrow at T.K. Maguire’s so that the mom’s can have their Mother’s Day brunch in peace. We’ll be back at it next Sunday. If you have a mom, play her a song. Here’s a link to the ukulele tabs for a song we sing at preschool when we want to celebrate those we love: ¬†Skinnamarink.

Or, if you are really ambitious, make a YouTube video for the moms in your life. This one sets the bar a bit high, but you get the idea. ¬†Benjamin J. Ames and his 4-year-old cover “Tonight You Belong to Me”

Enjoy the day and come play with us next week!

6 responses to “No Jam for Mother’s Day 5-11-14

  1. Jambusters Songs played on June 1st at TK Maguires (after bloody Mary’s, veggie platters and Extra Eggs)

    Dream a Little Dream (
    If I had You (
    Take Your Love With Me (
    You and I
    Littlest Birds (

    A wonderful gathering with Amy, Selma, Tim & Bonnie, Barbara, Reed, John, Craig and Ann

  2. Will you be at TK tmrw, Aug 17? 11-1?

  3. I will be in Juneau on Aug 13, 2015 on a cruise. I’ll have my ukulele with me. Any jam sessions going on that day?

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