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Playlist links from 2.24.13 Rockwell jam

This past Sunday we played many of the same as before, with the exception of a few Reid Tippet originals that are not yet in print. One song we played that I have not yet linked is below. Some day I’ll get everyone up doing the hula that goes with it!

E Huli Makou by David Chung                                                                                                                                                                                      

This is one of the first hulas I learned as a kid and is a good way to learn a few Hawaiian words and hula moves. Chords & lyrics are at Kanikapila.us. I learned to play this song with a G chord for the verses and a G7 for the vamp instead of the G7 throughout, but either works and both are easy. Translation and history of the lyrics can be found at Huapala.org. The site lists some additional verses not commonly sung and it does not include the “i hope” (pronounced ee-ho-pay) verse, which means “go back”. To catch the strumming pattern, you can play along with Kumu (teacher) Kealoha at 808ukejams, but if you want to see how to really dance this hula, watch Auntie Mokihana. One of my new goals is to be able to move like that by the time I’m her age!

Playlist links from 2.17.13 Rockwell jam

It was a full day last Sunday. We packed a lot of music into a couple of hours. Check out the links, print off the chords and lyrics and come join the jam!
Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale
Lyrics & chords at Ukulele Hunt
Walking After Midnight by Alan Block & Don Hecht
Originally recorded by Patsy Cline
Performed on ukuleles by Aisling Out Walking
Lyrics & chords at Ukulele Boogaloo
Lighthouse by The Waifs
Lyrics & chords at Ultimate Guitar
(Disclaimer: our friend Matthew lead us on this one with his guitar. We haven’t tried it with ukes only-yet!)
Drop Baby Drop by Mana’o Company
Tutorial video at Ukulele Underground, and lyrics & chords to that cover
Singing the Blues written by Melvin Endsley
Originally recorded by Marty Robbins
Lyrics & chords at Doctor Uke
Clemetine usually credited to Percy Montrose (1884), though sometimes to Barker Bradford, and believed to have been based on another called Down by the River Liv’d a Maiden by H. S. Thompson (1863).
Lyrics & chords at Doctor Uke.
Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison
Cover on ukulele by Ken Middleton
Lyrics & chords at Ultimate Guitar
Blue Moon by Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers
Lovely version by The King
Lyrics & chords at Ukulele Boogaloo
The last Blue Moon (second full moon in the same month) was last year on August 31, 2012, and the next one is not until July 31, 2015.
I’ll Fly Away, by Albert E. Brumley
The popular version from “O Brother Where Art Thou” is with Alison Krauss, but when Etta James sings, it makes you want to go to church
Lyrics & chords from  CathysChords.com
I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
Lyrics & chords at Ukulele Hunt
You and I by Ingrid Michaelson
Lyrics & chords at Ukulele Hunt
Crawdad Song, traditional (my granddaddy taught me this one)
Well know version recorded by Woodie Guthrie
Lyrics & chords at Kanikapila
Speaking of Woodie Guthrie, his son Arlo Guthrie will be performing in Juneau on Friday, May 3, 2013 to kick off  this year’s Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival. Tickets are already on sale.

Good times with Jake & Crew


Junior Jambusters posing with Jake backstage in the Green Room.

Selma, Jake & Reed

There were some nervous parents taking these photos as Jake handed the ONLY ukulele he carries with him on tour to each of the kids in turn for a photo ops.

Great concert. Send me any good photos of the performance if you have them. I was too busy watching his fingers fly to take any. My favorite was his encore song, a beautiful rendition of the Hawaiian classic “Akaka Falls”, also performed (and recorded) at a concert in Fresno, CA.

Not only a talented musician, but a very nice person.  Truly a class act.

Bustin’ a Jam

Some Jambusters turned out at the Gold Town Nickelodeon this evening to play a few tunes prior to the showing of Life on Four Strings, a documentary about Jake Shimabukuro. Thanks to Collette Costa for inviting us and Betsy Sims for the photo.


Jake will be here to perform in  Juneau THIS MONDAY, Feb 11th! The show is almost sold out, but there are still a few seats left. Visit the Juneau Jazz & Classics website for info and to purchase tickets.

Playlist links from 1.20.13 Rockwell Jam

A good crowd showed up last Sunday to jam, including some new faces. Here’s what we played:

A Beautiful Home , a traditional gospel tune recorded by Hank Williams

Go to Classic Country Lyrics for lyrics and chords.


Drop Baby Drop  by Mana’o Company

The video is from the Art Tv Hawai’i archives Mana’o Company performing at the Sheraton Bay Resort (Kona?) in 2010.  For a step-by-step lesson on how to play this song, check out this tutorial video by Aldrine Guerrero at Ukulele Underground.  The chords can be found at e-chords.com,  Tabs for picking are written out in a post by Poi Dog on this Ukulele Underground Forum – scroll down to message #9.


We’re Going To Be Friends by Jack White (White Stripes)

One version of the lyrics and chords can be found at UkuTabs.com.  Another version by GRANT YEARDLEY on Ultimate Guitar has easier chords, but I don’t think they sound quite as good.


We also played a few from past playlists (You &  I   and  Five Years Time), and closed with none other than,

Happy Trails by Dale Evans Rogers (recorded with husband Roy Rogers)

There is a good PDF of the sheet music at Dr. Uke, with chord charts above each line in the lyrics, though it is only the first verse. Full lyrics (along with the Roy Rogers Rider Club Rules) can be found at royrogers.com.


Some of the chord charts displayed on these links are for guitar. You can go to UkuTabs.com or Uke-Chords.com for the ukulele charts.

Come play with us Sunday  11-1  at Rockwell!

Playlist links from 1.13.13

Count On Me by Bruno Mars
Listen to this MTV Sessions Live version on YouTube with Bruno on ukulele
Chords from UkuTabs.com
I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
Watch a live performance and download chords from UkuleleHunt.com
You and I by Ingrid Michaelson
Listen and download chords from UkuleleHunt.com
Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale
Chords at UkuleleHunt.com
Watch the official YouTube video .
Don’t Fence Me In by Cole Porter
Chords at Ukulele Boogaloo
Listen to Roy Rogers for a traditional rendition,
Or check out FinRaucous rocking it on his ukulele.
Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s
Listen and watch the YouTube video .
Chords at Kanikapila.us
Fellow Jammers, let me know if I forgot any songs or if you have better/alternate links.

Jake in Juneau in February

It is official – Jake Shimabukuro is coming to perform in Juneau! We are so lucky that Linda Rosenthal, JJ&C Artistic Director, seized the opportunity to bring this first class and world famous musician to our city. Jake is a true champion of the ukulele, demonstrating the full range of what is possible on our beloved little uke. Tickets are already starting to move, so get yours soon and please help spread the word. For more info, go to the Juneau Jazz & Classics website.


Jan 13th, 11-1 Ukulele Jam at Rockwell

I’ve been away, but hear that the jam numbers are growing. If you have attended over the winter break and want to send me the titles & artists of songs played, I’ll hunt down links to videos and chords to post so folks can practice. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

Slim Pickin’ for the Sunday Jam, Nov 25 11-1 at Rockwell

Many of the usual suspects are busy being thankful outside of Juneau this week, so it may be a small gathering at Rockwell’s tomorrow. Brunch is being served regardless, so come eat and see who else shows. Here are the songs we played last week:

12 Bar Blues in A, as taught by Ukulele Mike. We play faster with each 12 bars until it all falls apart. Fun way to warm up. Amy’s tip: just add the pinky for the 3rd note (A7) instead of sliding the middle finger over.

Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s. Chords and lyrics can be found at Uke-Chords.com.

Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale. There were several sources for this one, but I’m linking the one from UkuTabs, since I liked the little band bio on the page. There are only a couple chords repeated throughout, but I’ve been playing along with the YouTube video to get the strumming pattern down.

Buck Naked Trolls  by our own Jambuster, Reid. Unfortunately, you’ll need to show up some Sunday to hear or learn this one, since he has never put it to paper and I hear that the lyrics change with each new playing!

Five Foot Two by Sam Lewis, Young and Hendersen. Ukulele Boogaloo is another good source for chords and lyrics, though the format for writing the songs out is a bit cramped for me. For guidance, check out the Ukulele Mike tutorial of this song, or watch a sweet rendition on YouTube by Aunt Vi.

Don’t Fence Me In  by Cole Porter and Robert Fletcher. I found chords and lyrics on Doctor Uke , yet another good source, and the song is written out in a couple different styles to choose from depending on your familiarity with the fingering.   FinRaucous is a one-man-jam on his version of this classic.


The Junior Juneau Jambusters wandered away to the back room, so I am not sure exactly what they played. They seem to be liking Mumford and Sons:

Cave by Mumford and Sons. UkuleleHunt has a download for these chords and some tips for playing, or GuitareTab if you just want to see it without downloading.

I Will Wait (on SNL) by Mumford and Sons. Chords without lyrics at Ukulele-Tabs and lyrics at DirectLyrics.


Have a great week and keep strumming!