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Ukulele Keiki: Juneau Fine Arts Camp, June 2014

The first week of Juneau Fine Arts Camp was a resounding success, with about 30 kids coming to ukulele classes to sing, strum and dance. If you have a child entering Kindergarten through 6th grade in need of fun, artsy things to do during the next three weeks, you should check it out.

FAC wk1

Concentrating on a new chord

In honor of these newest recruits, I am posting 2- and 3-chord songs, many of which we played during camp. Thanks to Amy for turning me on to Songsheet Generator, a program that formats the chords exactly where you want them over the lyrics in a song along with a graphic of the chords at the bottom of the page. The chord graphic doesn’t show up in the songbooks below, but there are plenty of chord charts available online. Many of these songs and more be found on Dr.Uke’s Beginners page.

For those adults who are learning to play and have young children in your lives, you may find this list useful as well. I picked up the ukulele again after a 20-year break so that I could play for my son. He now plays ukulele and guitar with much greater facility than his mother -consider yourself warned!

In addition to the beginner songbooks below, we are going to try something new for the weekly ukulele jams. The 2nd Sunday Jam of each month will be dedicated to beginners and those wanting to work on easier chords and at a slower pace. We meet at TK Maguire’s restaurant in the Prospector Hotel (near KTOO and the State Museum contruction site). If you want to eat breakfast before you play, come before noon. We will play from 11:30 until about 1:30 or 2, or until our fingers get sore.  Of course, all are welcome on any Sunday, regardlesss of ability. And now for the songs….

2-Chord Children’s Songs

3-Chord Children’s Songs

4 or more Chord easy Children’s Songs